And we’re inviting the very best professionals to build their career with us.

American Vision Partners was founded in April 2017 with the affiliation of Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center and Southwestern Eye Center. We’re one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive ophthalmic management companies and our plans for the future are remarkably ambitious.

That’s where you come in.

We operate more than 40 eye care centers including 23 ambulatory surgery centers.
We have 90+ providers in Arizona and New Mexico.
We plan to expand our geographic footprint exponentially in the next 3 years.

Want to talk about potential?

This is your chance to build your career with a company that is committed to building unprecedented success. We invest in the best people and technologies to continue to offer our patients the highest quality ophthalmic care, and we share the success we create with the people who make it possible. People like you.

Our platform is unique. Our commitment is unparalleled.

This will create opportunities for aggressive growth in the future – the kind of growth that can allow you to take your talent to all new heights.  We set ambitious goals for our company. That’s why if you’re as ambitious as we are, we should talk about building a better future together.